Meet Libby Bassie Our 2021 Recruitment Chair
Anniston Warrick

Hi everyone! My name is Anniston Warrick, and I am honored to serve Delta Gamma as vp: membership this year! I have been given the privilege to plan and execute workshops in order to better prepare the women of Delta Lambda for a successful fall recruitment. This position has already provided so many learning opportunities about myself, my sisters, and Delta Gamma as a whole, and we cannot wait for the week of formal recruitment. Myself, as well as the rest of our chapter, cannot wait to meet YOU!!!!

To incoming freshmen

I remember just two years ago, nervous about what the recruitment experience may bring me. As I look back at that sweet, quirky, high school girl, I am beyond proud that she chose a sisterhood that would impact her in every aspect of life for the better. I know all of the emotions that come along with the recruitment experience, but joining a sorority was the best decision I ever made. I immediately felt love as soon as I met my sisters, and my expectations have been exceeded beyond measure. I am so glad you have chosen to go through recruitment, and I hope that you will feel comfortable in our home! We want to get to know you for who you genuinely are. Delta Gamma is a place where each person is free to be themselves- we welcome all personalities, personal goals, and interests- and can’t wait to know you and hear yours! I challenge you to go into this process with an open mind, knowing that you are free to be yourself. It is going to be an amazing week, and I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you!

To parents

I am so excited that you are supporting your daughter’s decision to go through formal recruitment. Greek life has been so influential on my college experience, and I am beyond grateful for the sisterhood I have found through Delta Gamma that will last a lifetime. Delta Gamma has given me opportunities to serve in my community, on campus, and in my friendships as a whole. I firsthand see the impact that Delta Gamma has had on my life, and I have ultimately been pushed to be a better student, leader, and friend to all.

Recruitment will be here before we know it, and I am beyond excited- I hope you all are as well! The feeling I had when I became a Delta Gamma was a feeling like no other- I hope one day you can feel the same! The women of Delta Gamma have pushed me to be the best version of myself, and are continuously doing so. I have made numerous friendships and memories that I will cherish forever, and recruitment was just the start of this journey! Be gracious with yourself and others during this crazy week- take time for yourself and be true to who you are, what you value, and what you are looking for in a sorority. The process will be exhausting and long, but the outcome is so worth it! I hope that your summer is amazing, and I cannot wait to see all of you on August 12th!

Anniston Warrick

Delta Lambda-Mississippi State University
vp: membership
Delta Gamma Fraternity

dear potential new members
Meet Carrington Davis

I am SO excited to meet each of you! I am so honored and excited to serve as vp: member education this year. This means that I get the privilege of walking with you as you begin this new season of life as a college student and as a member of Delta Gamma. During this new member process, we will have weekly meetings where we learn about the history and values of Delta Gamma. These are great opportunities to bond with your member class and make some of the sweetest friendships. That random girl you sit by might just become your very best friend!

The transition into college and sorority life is so exciting, but it can definitely be overwhelming at times. The girls here in Delta Gamma encouraged me so much during that time of my life, and I hope to do the same for you. I hope to be someone that you can truly lean on and come to with anything.

My biggest piece of advice about coming through recruitment is just to be yourself and trust that the Lord is going to place you exactly where you need to be. Find the place where you feel comfortable, loved, and welcomed. Delta Gamma made me feel that way during recruitment week and every day since then. The Lord has a perfect plan for you, and He is going to guide you and be with you through this whole process!

I am truly so excited to meet and grow closer with each of you! We are going to have so much fun together!

Carrington Davis

Delta Lambda-Mississippi State University
vp: member education
Delta Gamma Fraternity